Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dogs Are Not Meat!

I am saddened by the plight of the native dog and how people here in some parts of the country treat them. I know this would sound gross to westerners but some people here do eat dogs and some pubs here specialize in dog meats to be served for their customers while drinking beer. Gross right? I cannot not imagine myself eating dog meat. I do not know if it's safe to eat dogs.

The reason I am writing this piece though gross is to appeal to the blogosphere especially to those bloggers who are truly dog lovers to help create awareness about this inhuman act. I certainly cannot stand this anymore. When I was 13 I had a dog she was snowy white with tan markings on her ears. One day she was able to get out of our gate without our knowledge. Feeding time came so I went looking for but could not find her. One stand by cab driver asked me if the dog I was looking for was white with tan markings on her ears and I said yes. He told me that a man in a car beat my dog with a club and placed her inside a sack. I asked the guy if he had gotten the license plate of the car but said he did not but was able to describe the make of the car. He added that he heard the man saying my dog would make such a good meat because she is clean and well taken care. I tried to look for my dog but I never found her. I believe she was eaten and served as meat!

dog meat shop - thịt chó - vietnam

I hope no one will have to go through this ordeal but I could only hope. Dogs are kept as pets and as a member of the household not to be butchered. Aren't there enough poultry and livestock to consume? I just hope that we would be one in saying no to this kind of business.

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  1. Do you think the consumption of any sort of meat is wrong? While what happened to your dog is wrong since it is theft and abuse, there are cultures that eat dog. Who are we to say that is wrong.

    1. Dogs (and cats) are companion animals - they are not farm animals. They are not bred to be slaughtered and eaten, but to live with and protect human kind and have a close relationship with humans. To many humans around the world a dog is their "life", the eyes of a blind person, the legs or arms of a disabled person, they can detect epeleptic fits and cancers before any medical tests can. And you think these animals are fit only for food? DOG - GOD spelled backwards.