Thursday, August 5, 2010

GT: Sex And The City 2

I have not watched Sex and The City yet and glad that I did not! My friends called me up and wanted to watch this chick flick since their bfs are not so enthusiastic watching this lol. Well, I have always loved watching the series on HBO and I definitely love Sex And The City 1 and I am so excited to find out what's next on the second movie. Even right now my mind is wondering did Carrie and Big raise a family together? What about Smith and Samantha did they finally make up? What's up with Charlotte York-Goldenblatt? Is Steve and Miranda still together?

Saw a book on the second movie and it features the ladies' wardrobe and goodness I totally dig 'em! Well, don't ya? The dress, the shoes and the  accessories were all fabulous! As of this writing I have already been looking here and there for the replica of the  clothes and shoes lol. What can I say I just love SATC.

An Itchy Dog

Not that the dog is the itch hahahaha but my dog has been scratching too much lately. 3 weeks ago when she was brought to me I noticed that she was scratching too and when I closely investigated I saw ticks on her. The following morning I went to the vet and he prescribed me Frontline Plus spray. For awhile it seems it was taking effect no fleas and no ticks and just lately she has been scratching like crazy. Could it be allergies? If it is allergy. allergy to what? I feed her the same food the breeder gave her and has not switched her yet to Eukanuba. I change her bed every week and the house is very clean. So what could be the culprit?

Well I tried to not get her medications just yet. I gave her an oatmeal bath instead. I just placed 1 cup of plain oatmeal on the blender until it was powdery and then placed her in her tub and add lukewarm water on it and that was all. I am going to see if this works. Well for now she isn't scratching but I'm gonna give it 3 more days if she keeps scratching again I would surely be bringing her to her vet for a check up. This could be something else.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freebies My Freebies!

free samples

Do you like freebies? Dumb question. I guess everybody loves freebies and I totally do. I discovered this site through My Lot forum where I am a member. Another member posted a discussion telling everyone that she has received loads of groceries for free! I checked out the site and they do give away freebies to discount coupons from food to body and bath to pet care. I have placed orders for freebies and I am waiting for mine to arrive. If you would like to avail of these freebies check out Thunder Fap. Hope you enjoy shopping for free! When you receive your freebies I hope you come back in here and share your experience. Happy freebies everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dogs Are Not Meat!

I am saddened by the plight of the native dog and how people here in some parts of the country treat them. I know this would sound gross to westerners but some people here do eat dogs and some pubs here specialize in dog meats to be served for their customers while drinking beer. Gross right? I cannot not imagine myself eating dog meat. I do not know if it's safe to eat dogs.

The reason I am writing this piece though gross is to appeal to the blogosphere especially to those bloggers who are truly dog lovers to help create awareness about this inhuman act. I certainly cannot stand this anymore. When I was 13 I had a dog she was snowy white with tan markings on her ears. One day she was able to get out of our gate without our knowledge. Feeding time came so I went looking for but could not find her. One stand by cab driver asked me if the dog I was looking for was white with tan markings on her ears and I said yes. He told me that a man in a car beat my dog with a club and placed her inside a sack. I asked the guy if he had gotten the license plate of the car but said he did not but was able to describe the make of the car. He added that he heard the man saying my dog would make such a good meat because she is clean and well taken care. I tried to look for my dog but I never found her. I believe she was eaten and served as meat!

dog meat shop - thịt chó - vietnam

I hope no one will have to go through this ordeal but I could only hope. Dogs are kept as pets and as a member of the household not to be butchered. Aren't there enough poultry and livestock to consume? I just hope that we would be one in saying no to this kind of business.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

AAMM: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a little stroll down memory lane ...
all the way back to the hollowed halls ...
of your school years - the days of raising your hand,
taking tests, and making the grade ;)

My Grade School Memories...

  • I remember we were voting for classroom officials in first grade and I was begging everybody not to vote for me... why? because I thought that it would cost my parents a lot of money for the campaign should I get elected in the school student government!
  • I traded my beautiful new teddy bear back pack with an old red ragged doll back pack because it was red. I came home and got a a good deal of scolding from my parents!
  • I loved playing puzzles and pick up sticks with my classmates during recess period.
  • The hi-cut rubber shoes was in and I was in the first grade everyone was wearing it except me because my parents said that it was not part of the school uniform.
My High School Memories....

  • I competed in the school contest for my history class, would have gotten the first place but they counted the scores wrong, they missed to count the 3 points I earned so I just got the second place.
  • I was walking down the hall with my 2 close friends when I slipped and fell flat on my face and guess where? In front of the cutest guys in school! (blush)
  • On my junior year we had a field trip to the geothermal plant and to the only agricultural university in my place and it was exciting for all of us. But the trip was ruined as one guy in my class who sat in front near the bus driver had a very bad stomach and you know what happened! It was smelly the entire trip, we opened all the windows and sprayed all our colognes but the smell was still there. Will never forget this!
My College Memories....

  • When I was in freshmen in college I was first enrolled in a local college in my place before I transferred to a big university another state away. It was the time I was so wild, I'd cut class when I was bored to death and entice my guy friend in another class to cut classes with me ... one time he was in his chemistry class and I already cut my classes. I dropped by and played the devil and told him to cut class lolz... when his teacher was not looking he went out from the big window!
  • We had this teacher who was very kind but extremely boring. One time our class agreed that we will all set our watch to alarm at exactly 11:00 am as the teacher was fond of extending time. That's what we did and one of my gay classmate brought a real alarm clock! However, it never got into our teacher he extended time until 12:30!
  • There was this guy who courted me for 2 years. He was a foreigner and was also a ramp and commercial model. He liked me but I didn't, he used to really chase me and I found it annoying. Well, one day he came and I just didn't want to see him, so I told my friends to tell him I went home already. But he insisted that I was still around as my class goes off at 5:30 in the afternoon. I hid in the lady's toilet for 2 hours because he would not go! When I came out I smelled like the toilet!
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cut Back and Save

In today's spend all you can mentality the word "save" or "savings" sounds medieval. When we look at the television ads, there are ads that are screaming "buy me now", in the internet shopping is in your fingertips. You can shop 24/7 no holidays and no breaks. What's more it's in the comfort of your own home or office. So the temptation to spend is really great, that is why there are a lot of people going broke these days. So, I have come up with some quick simple cut back solutions so you can start a savings account.

First and foremost let me emphasize that the ultimate solution is "discipline". Without self discipline it is easy to spend all you can and all you have on things that you want but do not need. Also let's define what is a need and what is a want. Want means to desire something greatly or wish for, while a need is a condition or situation where something is required or is a necessity. Now while you may want to have a new pair of Havaianas might not necessarily mean that you need it. But you need food and water and shelter in order to live. Therefore I conclude that needs are necessary in order for us to survive and without it we may not survive or we might get sick for the lack of it. On the other hand you not having the latest pair of Havianas would not affect your chances of survival compared to going without food and water.

Secondly, I want to emphasize to change your mindset about money and buying. Most often than not some people tend to spend on things they do not need or spend cash they do not have just to impress others. Others spend simply because it has become an addiction, once they buy they can't stop. That is why there are several people who lives from paycheck to paycheck simply because they have the wrong mindset. My friend Nora has this problem, she can't afford all those beautiful dresses displayed at the malls but she kept on buying every payday, because she wants to look fabulous and wants to be part of the "it" crowd in the office. The result, after 5 days from payday she is broke and keeps on borrowing money from friends.

Here are some quick cut back tips you can follow:

1. Cut back on Starbucks and eating out. It is more economical to eat at home and cook at home than by eating out. Also, consider how often do you order your coffee from Starbucks? How much does it cost? Add all that up in one month, then one year, see how much money you could have saved just by cutting on Starbucks. If yo cannot stop drinking coffee I suggest you buy the sachet pack and make yourself a cup of coffee in the office, it's more economical.

2. Get a flatmate or roommate. If you are living alone in an apartment or have a big room all to yourself but having a hard time paying every month. Why not consider getting yourself a roommate or a flatmate? This way you can save half the amount that you are paying for your room and you can use this to start a bank account.

3. Stay home for the movies. If you go out every weekend for movies and pizza and beer with friends afterwards, how about going to the movies just twice a month? Calculate how much you spend when you watch movies with friends every month. You would be surprised to see that you have been throwing your money away and giving them to the already rich businessmen.

4. Brown bag it. Instead of buying from the cafeteria at work or eating at the nearest fast food, why not bring your lunch to work? Calculate how much you spend on fastfoods and cafeteria and how much you would save if you bring your own lunch. Perhaps you can bring your own lunch 3 times in a week and enjoy eating at the cafeteria twice in a week.

5. Go PUJ/ PUB. Taxis are a convenient way to commute to work but let's face it they are also a huge cash drain especially when you get stuck in a traffic. Comming early to work and riding the public utility jeepneys or buses can save you loads. Taking a cab should be reserved for special occasions or when it is the only safest way to commute.

6. Wash your own clothes. I know this may sound too much but just remember how much you spend for dry cleaning or having your clothes laundered by the laundry shop. Remember that you want to be financially stable and be able to save up for the rainy days. So why not do the small stuff? Perhaps you can just have your bed linens and curtains laundered but your clothes you can certainly wash it yourself.

7. Pay the bills first. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to do this. Just write down the amount of bills that you need to pay for the month this will give you a clear picture and help you prioritize. So first things first and needs over wants. Pay off bills like rent,electricity,water and gas first. Then food and the rest prioritize.

8. Pay your self first. Get 10 percent of your monthly net salary and deposit it to a savings account. When accumulated the balance would earn interest you can use this for emergencies and I mean real emergencies like medicines etc. not for fashion emergencies.

9. Ebay your old stuff. You can place your old stuff ( but not old like junk and can't be used) on ebay and sell it instead of burying them in your closet or store room. The cash you can earn from the sales could help you buy new clothes or pay off a portion of your bills. You can also do a garage sale.

10. Do not use your credit card often. Treat your credit card as a last minute resort not as an everyday money machine. Many people have been broke because of credit card debt. Also remember to pay off your credit card bill in full when you get it so as not to let the interest accumulate, or if it's heavy you can either pay in half or one third, but do not pay it off in 6 months when you can do so in 3 months. Remember the interest rates are ridiculously high so think carefully. Also do not use your credit card to purchase things that you want but do not need. When you want to buy something that is not an actual need, save up for it, it is better to buy in cash becausethere are no interest rates.

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